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Shopping opportunities, turn to opportunity shops

I like things that have been owned by other people. I feel a connection to them when I take something that they used, loved and then passed on to be used by me. I can almost say that I liked these pre-owned, pre-loved items more than brand new things. Sometimes it’s about the quality of […]

Coffee, one of Melbourne’s many loves

Melbourne and Melburnians have many love affairs. footy, racing, ragging on Sydneysiders, trams… and coffee. (My list is not comprehensive, Melburnians, what else are you having a love affair with?) Today I want to salute all the baristi who are slogging away on a public holiday, making our long blacks, short maccs, lattes, half and […]

A tiny rant about water

Melbourne has great water! That’s just a fact. It’s clean and it tastes great. Water is an ideal drink, when your out and about it’s the most convenient beverage to take with you. And I don’t begrudge anyone who gets caught short and buys a bottle of water when they are out because they forgot to bring water. But […]