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Shopping opportunities, turn to opportunity shops

Someone's no longer needed teapot and cup makes a lovely gift.

Someone’s no longer needed teapot and cup makes a lovely gift.

I like things that have been owned by other people. I feel a connection to them when I take something that they used, loved and then passed on to be used by me. I can almost say that I liked these pre-owned, pre-loved items more than brand new things.

Sometimes it’s about the quality of older creations (especially clothes and furniture) and sometimes it’s just about knowing that nothing else had to die or be manufactured using energy and raw materials and valuing that which has already been made.

So I love opportunity shops. I can’t go past one, and I have favourites that I will go out of my way to visit just because I know they will have something there that’s just what I’ve been looking for.

In this season of gift giving, why not try to do all your shopping at opportunity shops. It gives you a multitude (well at least three that I can think of) of opportunities. (It’s not just about saving money)

  • To support your favourite charities and the work they do in your community.
  • A way to cut down on waste.
  • A way to save money and make an impression with a gift that is not just something you picked out of a catalogue or the latest gadget that will be put on a shelf and forgotten in a day or a week.

Make a pact with friends and family members to only give pre-owned gifts this year. Put a limit on the amount spent and put the rest you would have normally spent making the world a better, more equitable or safer place.


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