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Friday 30 August at MWF

I’m looking forward to a couple of sessions at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival tomorrow, especially Natural Connections with Tim Flannery and Jay Griffiths discussing their relationships with the natural world…the session will be chaired by Robyn Annear, author of one of my favourite books Bearbrass Advertisements

Melbourne writer’s festival, why I go (and keep going)

I’ve been going for years. ¬†Years ago when I worked as a freelance writer and editor, I could go to any session I wanted, my time was my own. These days I work ‘in house’ and it’s become more difficult to get away for a real festival experience. This year I decided to take a […]

Style, content and form?

Form is how the author makes the story real and rich. Kristy Gunn making a good case for writing as a living thing . In this session Kristy and Margo Langan got a bit esoteric and intellectual and very interesting as the described, with vivid visual metaphors, an underlying truth about their creations.¬† These structural […]