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About getting around in Melbourne

When I’m writing about places to go and things to do in and around Melbourne, I will make some basic assumptions. Number one readers are visitors to the city. Probably staying in the city centre or nearby. So my directions will focus on getting to places from the city. I also assume that visitors will […]

Everything in one place

Travelling on planes has become a nightmare with limits on liquids you can take on the plane with you. It’s no wonder the market segment for travel sized products and containers has grown to monster proportions. To make your transit as easy as possible, I recommend not carrying any liquids in your carry on luggage. […]

Shrine of Remembrance and Royal Botanic Gardens

A half day mini-adventure I’ve provided directions on the assumption that you’re a visitor starting your day from your city centre hotel or a local come to the city for the day. Before you set out on the day’s activity visit QV Centre. Downstairs is a huge Woolworth supermarket where you can grab one of […]