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Where has all around the town gone?

Hi Readers. I’ve moved my blogs to my own domains and re-jigged the focus a bit. Come and visit me at For the journey (mbs-journey.com) where I write about journeys of the mind, journeys of the body, and journeys of the spirit. and Vagabond Gal (vababond.gal.com) where I will do my more traditional travel writing. […]

Shopping with a conscience this holiday season

I’ve already written this month about feel good giving and shopping at opportunity shops. Here are some other suggestions for shopping with a conscience from Jennifer Barbour on Good What I really like about Jennifer’s suggestions, which are buy local; Buy fair trade; consider the environment / carbon footprint of your gifts; look for gifts that give […]

Feel good gift giving

I’ve already written about my love of opportunity shops and I rarely buy a gift new (for myself or my friends) When I do buy new, I usually wait until I can find out from the recipient what they need or want, and buy that for them. Because I think most of us in the […]

Shopping opportunities, turn to opportunity shops

I like things that have been owned by other people. I feel a connection to them when I take something that they used, loved and then passed on to be used by me. I can almost say that I liked these pre-owned, pre-loved items more than brand new things. Sometimes it’s about the quality of […]

A tiny rant about water

Melbourne has great water! That’s just a fact. It’s clean and it tastes great. Water is an ideal drink, when your out and about it’s the most convenient beverage to take with you. And I don’t begrudge anyone who gets caught short and buys a bottle of water when they are out because they forgot to bring water. But […]

About getting around in Melbourne

When I’m writing about places to go and things to do in and around Melbourne, I will make some basic assumptions. Number one readers are visitors to the city. Probably staying in the city centre or nearby. So my directions will focus on getting to places from the city. I also assume that visitors will […]