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About getting around in Melbourne

Catch a tram in Melbourne

Tram stop in St Kilda Road Melbourne

When I’m writing about places to go and things to do in and around Melbourne, I will make some basic assumptions. Number one readers are visitors to the city. Probably staying in the city centre or nearby.

So my directions will focus on getting to places from the city.

I also assume that visitors will not be hiring cars. Why, cause I don’t like cars 😉

I do like public transportation and Melbourne has pretty good public transportation. Not the best in the world. But plenty good.

And it’s easy to get around the city and most close surrounding suburbs on public transportation.

Often it will be quicker and more direct to take the train, but here’s another bias of mine. I prefer trams. I like to see the areas I’m travelling though it’s half the fun. And a good way to spot a new cafe or a strip shopping centre to explore on my next trip.

So, I recommend visitors go to their favourite purveyor of fine mobile apps (iTunes or GooglePlayStore) upon arrival and download the free TramTracker App. Or lock this URL in your browser’s (phone or tablet) memory bank for reference: http://yarratrams.com.au/tramtracker

Of course you can’t travel (legally at least) without a Myki card.  And if you’ve been using public transportation in Melbourne for a while you will have a view on whether Myki is the best or worst thing to happen to public transport in this city.

No matter your opinion on the merits of Myki, you need a card and you need to have funds loaded on the card to travel legally.


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