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Coffee, one of Melbourne’s many loves

Melbourne and Melburnians have many love affairs. footy, racing, ragging on Sydneysiders, trams… and coffee. (My list is not comprehensive, Melburnians, what else are you having a love affair with?) Today I want to salute all the baristi who are slogging away on a public holiday, making our long blacks, short maccs, lattes, half and […]

About getting around in Melbourne

When I’m writing about places to go and things to do in and around Melbourne, I will make some basic assumptions. Number one readers are visitors to the city. Probably staying in the city centre or nearby. So my directions will focus on getting to places from the city. I also assume that visitors will […]

Two tips for food and footy fun in Melbourne

The 2013 Writers Festival has just wrapped up and while it’s sad to see it end for another year, there is always another festival to enjoy around the corner. Food lovers (aren’t we all) should check out the The Asian Food Festival which runs from 1 September to 15 October, so there’s plenty of time to […]

Friday 30 August at MWF

I’m looking forward to a couple of sessions at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival tomorrow, especially Natural Connections with Tim Flannery and Jay Griffiths discussing their relationships with the natural world…the session will be chaired by Robyn Annear, author of one of my favourite books Bearbrass

Melbourne writer’s festival, why I go (and keep going)

I’ve been going for years.  Years ago when I worked as a freelance writer and editor, I could go to any session I wanted, my time was my own. These days I work ‘in house’ and it’s become more difficult to get away for a real festival experience. This year I decided to take a […]

My Melbourne Writer’s Festival Staycation

Getting ready for a full on assault on the Melbourne Writer’s Festival this year. Setting up my schedule of events now more news to follow.

Pocket handkerchief gardens

One of the joys of living in an inner city suburb is walking around different neighbourhoods and seeing how different spaces have developed. One common issue is making an inviting garden space when space is severely limited. That’s where pocket handkerchief gardens shine. Some are formal like an old fashioned embroidered handkie, others like this […]